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TIO TIOMATIK plant-based replacement heads for Oral-B 2 pcs, Lagoon / Pebble
Even as a user of electronic toothbrushes you can now confidently switch to the sustainable side of dental care. These Plant-based heads are compatible with Oral-B electric toothbrushes
SKU: 04-02E
EAN: 4260453530462

MSRP:95.90 kr


Even as a user of electronic toothbrushes you can now confidently switch to the sustainable side of dental care. Electric toothbrushes are easy to use and remove more plaque in less time while also reducing gingivitis more effectively than manual ones.

Plug-in mechanism, housing and spinning area all fully consist of plant-based and recyclable bioplastics. Only the movable center inside is still made of a classic, crude oil-based plastic, which is necessary due to the high strain on that part. However, this section only makes up about 10% of the replaceable head.

The bristles consist of 100% renewable raw materials as they are based on castor oil. It’s extracted from seeds of the fast-growing wonder tree. Castor oil is a completely renewable resource that does not require large amounts of water, uses only a small acreage of farmland and is therefore perfectly suited for a future of sustainable agriculture.

The rotating head of the brush ensures an even cleaning of teeth and gums. With its small size the head design allows for optimal navigation in your mouth and lets you easily reach even the back corners. At the same time the bristles rounded tips let your teeth shine without hurting sensitive areas.

Instead of creating their own electric toothbrush, TIO decided to design attachable heads compatible with current Oral-B® rotary electric toothbrushes. This saves resources because you get to continue using an electric toothbrush you already own – only now you can top it off in a sustainable way.

Compatible with the following models:

Pro, Trizone, ProfessionalCare®, ProfessionalCare® Smart Series, Healthy Clean®, Vitality®, Pro-Health®, Oral-B Triumph®, AdvancePower.(Oral–B®, ProfessionalCare®, Vitality®, Healthy Clean®, Pro-Health®, Oral-B Triumph® are protected trademarks of Procter & Gamble Business Services Canada Company.)

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