HR-Living is a distributor and agent for several high quality design and lifestyle brands from USA, Europe and Scandinavia. We are supplying to a large number of department stores, interior design stores, florist's, garden centers, lifestyle shops as well as the kitchen stores in Finland and Sweden. All our brands stand for quality and durability, timeless design, sustainability and natural materials.

In Finland we distribute Bee's Wrap,  Bunkoza, EcoCoconut, Iris Hantverk, The Organic Company, Truthbrush, Sutu, and Liv Interior (as an agent). 

The brands we distribute in Sweden are Bee's Wrap, Bunkoza, the Truthbrush and Sutu. 

If you are interested in becoming a reseller, please fill in the reseller application form here. We ship from our warehouse in western Finland, fixed freight cost to Sweden is 15€. You are able to make the orders via our webshop and you can include products from several brands into the same order. 

For the first order we ask for prepayment, for the following orders we offer you payment term of 14 days from the shipping date. 

Join us in offering better and beautiful choices!

Contact information:


Suvi Hakala +358 40 7005882
Vaasantie 9, 60100 Seinäjoki, Finland

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