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TIO Tiobrush plant-based toohtbrush with replaceable head Medium, Glacier
A timeless classic made of plant-based bioplastics, with a reusable, ergonomic handle for a good grip and replaceable brush head. Available in 4 colors and medium or soft bristles
SKU: TI-1001-EN01
EAN: 4260453530417

MSRP:63.50 kr


A timeless classic made of plant-based bioplastics, with a reusable, ergonomic handle for a good grip and replaceable brush head – hopefully just one of many to come. Tiobrush also includes a hygienic travel cap. The only thing not included: A bunch of marketing blah-blah. Tiobrush neatly cleans your teeth and toothbrushes aren’t rocket science.

  • comes with medium or soft bristles
  • available in 4 colors

The minimal packaging causes little waste – in fact, almost none. That’s because after unpacking, it becomes a fully-fledged, hygienic travel cap. It protects your toothbrush on the road and keeps it clean. The cap made of sugarcane is recyclable.

 The bristles consist of 100% renewable raw materials and are based on castor oil. It’s extracted from seeds of the fast-growing wonder tree. Castor oil is a completely renewable resource that does not require large amounts of water, uses only a small acreage of farmland and is therefore perfectly suited for a future of sustainable agriculture.

Based on FSC certified wood and therefore biodegradable, the material of the toothbrush head is certified compostable according to EN 13432 and ASTM D 6400, should it ever end up in the environment. Completely free of harmful plasticizers and certified BPA-free.

Sweet handle: Produced from sugar cane instead of crude oil. One ton of this renewable material can store up to 3.09 tons of CO₂ while growing and thereby reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions. It also has a great grip: The gapless transition beneath the hygiene zone leaves no room for bacteria. Ergonomically rounded grip points provide support and better karma than using rubber.

TIO's innovative, replaceable brush head mechanism saves 70% waste – per head – and lets the environment shine as brightly as your teeth.

Bristle profile for pros: TIO bristle profile is based on studies of the dental school of the University Witten/Herdecke and is characterized by the following features:

  • The slightly tilted, medium-sized brush head allows for optimal cleaning navigation in your mouth
  • The layered bristle profile (medium version) allows you to reach almost any tooth angle.
  • The rounded tips guarantee brilliant shine and are gentle on your gums.

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