HR-Living is an official distributor for Kinfill in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. 

A collection of eco-friendly, effective cleaning products designed with a sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

Biodegradable cleaning extracts to blend at home in a lasting bottle of Italian glass. Designed to reduce single-use plastic waste in your daily routine. Scientifically-proven to perform.

Unlike the vast majority of regular cleaning fluids (which are 90 percent water) Kinfill’s collection of eco-friendly cleaning essentials are supplied using concentrates that are packaged in glass vials, drastically reducing the environmental impact associated with packaging waste. The concentrates are diluted at home in a beautifully designed forever bottle, also made of glass, that is used over and over again.

YES TO… producing in the Netherlands, ethically- sourced ingredients, safety, sustainability, transparency, peace of mind, and a clean conscience.

NO TO… transporting water, testing on animals, harmful chemicals, palm oil, unnecessary plastics, glue, fillers, chlorides, colorants, and compromises.

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