Steel straws

Aya&Ida stainless steel straw Black short, 4 pcs
Perfect for traditional cocktails, short glasses or children's glasses. Easy to clean and suitable for dishwasher. Includes 4 short (14.5 cm) straws and a cleaning brush
SKU: 9638
EAN: 5745000059638

MSRP:104.90 kr


Make your drinks look beautiful and exclusive – along with helping the planet by using reusable straws!
Made of 100 pct. first class stainless steel 18/8 – without harmful coatings, dyes and chemicals. 100 % free from BPA, phthalates and toxins. Made for you and your family for your safe drinking.
Easy to clean - dishwasher safe.
Made to last a lifetime. Can be used again and again. With your reusable straw you can help the planet by not adding more single use straws.

Pack of 4 straws + a cleaning brush

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